“No Way Out offers a deep dive into insurgency warfare and how one US special force managed to rise above the bad decisions of commanders and survive one of the most aggressive ambushes ever waged by terrorists in Afghanistan. The book is not just a cautionary tale in warfare, but a powerful portrait of the men who fought to save each other from certain death.” -Michael D. Sallah, Investigative Reporter for The Miami Herald and Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting

“Take a post-9/11 version of Black Hawk Down, put it in the hands of two gifted writers like Mitch Weiss and Kevin Maurer and here’s what you get: an adrenaline-fueled narrative that will forever enhance your appreciation of U.S. Special Forces. What’s it like to fight an ill-conceived mission against well-trained insurgents who command the high ground? What’s it like to lower colleagues with life-threatening bullet wounds down an Afghan cliff? With meticulous reporting and powerful writing, Weiss and Maurer put us there. It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to know how modern battles are fought – and how they should be.” -Ames Alexander, award-winning investigative reporter with the Charlotte Observer

“OP Commando Wrath was an operational marshmallow of the highest order where Mission Impossible and Murphy’s Law collided head on with some of the meanest mothers in the valley – Green Berets from ODA 3326. It’s Blackhawk Down in the Afghan Mountains!” — Dalton Fury, author of Black Site, the first book in the new Delta Force Thriller series.

“No Way Out is the Blackhawk Down for the war in Afghanistan. Mitch Weiss and Kevin Maurer have painted a portrait of soldiers fighting for each other even when their commanders have sent them on an impossible mission. It’s a lightning-quick thriller that’s hard to put down, even when the raw details of war are sometimes difficult to absorb. With U.S soldiers still in harm?s way in Afghanistan, this is an important book for all Americans. And it should be required reading for military leaders and politicians.” -Rick Rothacker, financial reporter at Reuters and the author of Banktown: The Rise and Struggles of Charlotte’s Big Banks

“This well-told story of war is not a history lesson, but a lesson for history as America moves into an uncertain global military future. It’s not just entertaining, but it’s useful in understanding the nitty gritty and effects down to the soldier level of American Foreign Policy.” – Christopher D. Kirkpatrick Editor, Detroit Free Press

“It was simultaneously fascinating and disturbing, and an adrenaline rush to hear it first-hand from the operator’s perspective… They are fiercely loyal to each other and our nation, and offer the enemy no quarter when the bullets start flying. You have captured all these with your words. Combat vets will read it and ?get it? right away. Americans who have no connection with such men of valor ought to read it to understand what intense combat can be like.” -Maj. Gen. Michael Repass, commander of Special Operations Command Europe