“Maurer captures the humor of the Green Berets even while keeping his own self-deprecating, smart-ass-reporter, along-for-the-ride sensibility. This book makes the bad asses seem a bit more human, while still focusing on the risks they take.” – Kelly Kennedy, author of “They Fought For Each Other”

“Maurer dispenses with political correctness and politics and offers a true and refreshing narrative that reads like HEART OF DARKNESS in its wide-eyed suspense and energy. Readers will feel the brotherhood of soldiers whose every meals are accompanied by rocket attack sirens. There are no politics here, there are just the men on the ground and their mission. Humorous, stark and honest, GENTLEMAN BASTARDS shows the reality of the War in Afghanistan and proves that true, unbiased journalism is still alive.” – Nathan Edmondson, author of THE ACTIVITY, Dancer, and Who is Jake Ellis?

“No journalist is more trusted by America’s secretive special operations troops than Kevin Maurer. His The Gentlemen Bastards is an authentic insider’s account of the dirty, dangerous, heroic – and sometimes dull and pointless – Afghan missions of the country’s best-trained soldiers. Maurer writes with grace, humor and a wicked eye for absurd details. He respects the Green Berets but doesn’t hesitate to criticize their shortcomings. This is a compelling book.” – David Zucchino, author of Thunder Run and Myth of the Welfare Queen.

“This story brings to life the unique men who form the ranks of the Green Berets and the Herculean tasks they must accomplish day in and day out, month after month, year after year. Maybe after reading this, some one will realize, an insurgent movement does not die with a person, it dies when the movement dies. Only a guerilla can hunt a guerilla.” – Rusty Bradley, author of Lions of Kandahar

“Gentlemen Bastards is a powerful look at Special Forces and the daily grind of tracking down the Taliban, terrorists and other bad guys in Afghanistan. Maurer focuses on one Special Forces team – the ups and downs of patrols, pumping locals for information and cajoling Afghan forces to do the right thing. Maurer, who was embedded with the team, skillfully weaves it all into a compelling narrative that makes readers feel like they’re walking dusty village roads or sitting at a makeshift base in the middle of nowhere waiting for something to happen. With crisp and clear writing, Maurer examines the tension between soldiers and Afghans in a war without boundaries, where the lines between soldiers and Afghans are often blurred. More importantly, the book serves a microcosm of the war itself, where missions and policy can change without warning – and soldiers are caught in the middle. The Gentlemen Bastards should be required reading for policy makers as the U.S. tries to extract itself from the nation?s longest war.” – Mitch Weiss, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and critically acclaimed author of Tiger Force, A True Story of men and War, and No Way Out, A Story of Valor in the Mountains of Afghanistan.