Kevin Maurer Donates Books to Operation Hawkeye

“OPERATION HAWKEYE” (OHe,, is a national grassroots mission launched by teenager Will Thomas to honor fallen U.S. Special Operations forces (SOF) warriors and rally support for their loved ones, through sport. He started the mission at age 12 after the EXTORTION 17 shootdown on 8.6.2011 and then expanded it to support every branch of SOF at the suggestion of Admiral McRaven, Kevin McDonnell of the Care Coalition, and other senior members of the SOF community.

OHe unites the general public and SOF community using basketball to close an awareness gap regarding the sacrifices of SOF warriors and their families. The mission team is made up of individuals, private enterprises (small and large), non-profit organizations, athletes, teams, coaches, and media figures and writers drawn from across the U.S. ― on a shared mission to honor fallen SOF warriors, inform others of their sacrifice, and act to support those left to carry on. In less than two years, Will has amassed over 63,000 followers on Facebook, making his page one of the largest on the medium devoted to supporting America’s SOF. There are several “operations” underway, all of which further the primary goals of honoring the fallen, raising public awareness regarding the service and sacrifices made by the SOF community, and empowering others to offer support and show gratitude through practical, impactful actions.